7 Life Hacks that Will Make Working in a Garden Easier

If you live in a private house and you are keen on gardening, you probably know garden work takes hours and hours. That is why any life hacks which help to organize garden work, make it easier and bring some pleasure to the process are always appreciated.

We have gathered some relevant and cool life hacks that make garden work better: you will find out how to organize your plans if you have not got enough space, how to make a flower bed only with 50$ in pocket, how to keep your garden tools and other secrets to make a dream-garden and simplify your work.

7 Life Hacks that Will Make Working in a Garden Easier

Let’s go! 7 Garden Life Hacks For You

1. Hanging bottles to grow plants

It is not a secret plastic bottle is probably the most popular, affordable and easy material to practice many of do-it-yourself ideas. If you love to grow plants (from flowers to herbs), we have a variety of ideas for creative persons. Repurposing those old plastic bottles will both help you to save the planet and grow your plants in unusual way. You can both use plastic bottles to grow your plants outdoor or indoor.

This is probably one of the easiest and amazing ideas to grow herbs (mints, basilica) or any small vegetables and fruits. You can plant lettuce, spinach or strawberry, it is up to you. This futuristic vertical garden could be organized in less than 2 hours.

All you need is up to 30 bottles or more (depending on your wall length and width; how many walls you are going to decorate), reliable tight strings (plastic or cloth) and a big needle. Perforate bottles as shown in the picture and push through strings through these holes.

The number of holes as well as the length of strings depend on your wall. This vertical garden will surely draw attention of your friends and relatives. By the way, you can organize either horizontal or vertical garden — it is up to you and future grown plants.

Hanging bottles to grow plants

2. Flowerbed just for 50$

If you are broken, creativity never is. We understand you if you want to organize something budget, functional and nice just for a few dozens of bucks; that is why we have decided to make you acquainted with this awesome life hack.

All you need to do a multi-level flowerbed is wooden boards and a small saw. Cut wooden boards as shown in the picture. You can make them wider or shorter — it depends on which plants you are going to have, in addition, it depends on space you have in your garden.

Once all boards were cut and you are ready to make up your flowerbed just like a constructor, simply fold up all the boards so you can get a multi-level garden bed. This one could be used to plant big or small plants as well.

Flowerbed just for 50$

Speaking about decoration, before folding up your flower or garden bed, let your kids paint on it. If you are a conservator or your garden is organized in some particular style, you can paint these boards by yourself.

If you are going to plant vegetables or flowers with big and long roots, pay your attention at this flowerbed. Due to difference in bed depth, you can plant any vegetables or herbs you want (the biggest in the 1st “floor”, the smallest on the top).

Flowerbed just for 50$

3. Let your garden tools live for ages

What’s the most commonly used thing when it comes to garden? Yes, it is garden tools. Shovels, saps and rakes are just a few tools we use to keep our garden well-organized, neat and clean. The majority of their life garden tools spend waiting for their owner to come and apply them by design.

If you don’t want your garden tools to become rusty or what even worse, keep them in dirt, we offer you to organize it properly.

The easiest way to keep your garden tool made a storage of bucket and stones. You can take any bucket you want, but we recommend to take a wide one. Clean it up and simply fill the bucket with stones. The smaller your stones are, the better for you since it will be easier to stick tools into a bucket.

Let your garden tools live for ages

Another idea of organizing your garden tools is to make a set of wood and cans. You probably have some cans left from soda drinks — do not throw them away.

There will be also needed a piece of wood, it’s width depends on the cans you have and its length depends on how many garden tools you’re going to store there. Simply nail cans to the wood and that’s it — your garden tools storage is ready.

By the way, you can organize any tools needed at your kitchen or in a garage the same way.

Let your garden tools live for ages

4. Easy-to-make greenhouse

This example is one of our favorite life hacks since it does not require much money or space so everyone is able to organize a small greenhouse. This one will suit you if you want to organize a compact greenhouse to plant herbs or flowers.

Starting with materials, you will need up to 3 racks and polyethylene. Speaking about racks’ size, make sure you understand how big you want your greenhouse to be. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to its height. For instance, if you want to plant a small tree or dill which has pretty sprouts and seeds, you will need longer racks. As see in the picture, 3 racks is enough to organize compact but spacious greenhouse.

First, take one racks and nail it to the wall. Second, cut out the amount of polyethylene you need and attach it to the first rack (which is on the wall) and to the second and to the third one. If you want your greenhouse to be even more convenient in usage, you can nail some handles to your third rack to raise and lower your new-built garden just like that.

If you do not have a spare wall in your house to organize such compact greenhouse, try to use fence or any other vertical surface. Everything depends on plants you are going to grow, if they are pretty small, even greenhouse with 1 m. in height is enough.

Easy-to-make greenhouse

5. Live Organic

It is no secret living organic and plastic-free products are on the edge of glory now. When it comes to food, we try to avoid plastic containers and bottles since storage any liquids or food in them doesn’t make any good to our health. And what about garden?

If you live in a private house, you probably still have a window sill with a several flowers. Or, if you live in apartment, you surely have a sill filled with flowers or have just one. What about pots? Even though if you do your best looking for crocks, the market is full of cheap and plastic pots. Temptation of buying a cheap and light-weight product is too high. However, we offer an up-to-date way to plant your flowers and herbs and it seems to be revolutionary.

Yes, that’s right. You can use lemon skin to plant your herbs or small flowers. First, it is much cheaper than purchasing even a new plastic pot or crock. Second, what could be more organic than planting seeds in a lemon skin?

If you are worried that your plants or small vegetables won’t make it, we offer you to plan them in melon skin. Coming back to lemon skin, it is perfect to plant lemon, melissa and other mind herbs.

Live Organic

6. Cheap and natural insecticides

Why spending money on insecticides when you can make them by yourself? In addition, continuing organic live, natural insecticides do not contain any preservatives and carcinogens. It means you can wash all grown vegetables with warm running water and that is it. We offer to make a simple and fragrant insecticide which will get away flies, bugs and other insects from your flowers, herbs and plants.

Take any bottle with a spray, we recommend to get a new one since any second-hand bottle has chemical residue. Fill it in with water and add 15-20 drops of peppermint oil into it. Another example is to add some fresh mind and garlic to the water. Make sure you have cut mind and garlic in small pieces so they will be able to give away their fragrances and provide desired effects.

Cheap and natural insecticides

7. Design Your Own Garden Path

Nowadays you can find numerous designs to make your own garden path: it is creative and affordable. In addition, you can make up your own design for a garden path. All you need to make a path is to choose or imagine a design you want and buy all needed stones.

Garden Path

When you start making your own path, make sure your knees are well-protected. You can make your own knee pads from cloth and Velcros.

However, it is not that safe as cloth does not provide needed protection since while making up your garden path you can get different injures: сuts or bruises. To avoid any kind of pain and injuries, we offer you to get our up-to-date protective knee pads that will perfectly suit.

Professional Knee Pads for work

Thanks to three Velcros and 4-layer design, these knee pads will allow you to stand on your knees literally for hours.

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