3 + 1 Unusual Sports You Did Not Expected to Meet a Balance Board

Even though a balance board was not invented yesterday, our knowledge about when and how it was made up remain controversial.

In addition, we all know a balance board is a must have for skaters, snowboarders and everyone who wants to keep balance, but what else?

We have counted at least 5 kind of sports a balance board could be applied to help in balance and straight development.

Balance is crucially important thing when it comes to any sports because it opens up numerous possibilities for our sports life: when you are more flexible and can easily balance, you are more confident and have trained stamina.

It is difficult to know which exercises exactly you have to do if it is your first your time on a balance board, but we have tried to gather the most unusual and ridiculous sports to apply a balance board — no matter you are a novice or you have been exercising for years — you will definitely like the ones since they are funny, effective and relevant.

Moreover, there are no strict needs in sports requirements since all you need is a roller, a balance board and some spare space indoors or outdoors to workout.

Keep in mind that even though these unusual sports and exercises are fun, you must be protected in order to avoid any injuries.

3 + 1 Unusual Sports You Did Not Expected to Meet a Balance Board

Balance Board for Fishing or…Table Tennis?

Balance Board for Fishing

It is no secret being a good seaman one has to know much about nature, fishes, weather.

However, you can do this process even more complicated and train your body while fishing. Using balance board and keeping a fishing rod in your hands is such a challenge.

However, you cannot even imagine how you will be delighted once you got your caught your first fish standing on a balance board.

Balance Board for Fishing

If you feel confident balancing for at least 3-5 minutes, you can try fishing on a balance board.

  1. Step one: make sure you have chosen the right place: any sharps or cliffs as well as soft terrain are both unacceptable as you can simply fall down into water or to the ground and get many injuries.
  2. Step two: stand on a balance board and stay in this position for 1-2 minute.
  3. Step three: ask your friend to give you a fishing rod. Your aim is to train properly and regularly so next time your initial position will be on a balance board with a fishing rod.

Balance Board for Fishing

Balance Board for Table Tennis

However, you can apply a balance board now only for fishing. Use the same principle to go playing table tennis!

Yes, it is an excellent opportunity to keep balance and train your tennis skills at the same time.

Balance Board for Table Tennis

Basically, you can exercise on a balance board in any sports, activity or hobby which does not require you have to change location (for instance, like in classic tennis).

Concentration on both different activities is like drawing a circle and triangle in air with your right and with your left hands. It perfectly trains your brain and body to concentrate on two actives at once.

Balance Board for Table Tennis

Balance Board for Dancing

Even though this kind of sports on a balance board is not that spread in the world, it is on the edge of glory now; many people become acquainted with it and they love it.

Frankly speaking, dancing on a balance board is quite complicated, it will suit only real professionals.

In addition, it is pretty limited in moves — all you can do is twists, turns with your body, you can also use your hands to balance on a board, but it is almost impossible to use your legs for dancing, except 90 or 180 degree turns. If you have been exercising on a balance board for at least 2-5 months, you can try dancing.

First of all, be careful. Balancing is not safe even if you are a professional and dancing on a balance board you must be protected.

We recommend to exercises near soft sofa or have some wall nearby so you can grab it in case you lose balance.

We recommend to start with simple, basic movements.

The initial position: stand on a balance board as usual and keep balance for 1-2 minutes. Now try to do a twist-squad, it looks like classic twist dance.

The second option you can use to dance on a balance board is your hands. It is the easiest and the funniest way to start dancing on a board.

It is easy cause you can control balance by means of hands and dance at the same time and it is funny since you can wave, drag and put your hands up as you want.

The best thing in dancing on a balance board is that there aren’t strict rules or special movements you have to do by all means.

Balance Board for Dancing

Balance Board for Skateboarding

It is a well-spread myth balance board is a must for all surfers who want to train 24/7.

Yes, with balance board you can literally train in winter, indoors since it does not require much space and special weather conditions.

However, there is another kind of sports you can apply a balance board and enjoy your work out.

There is no need to mention skateboarding is an extreme kind of sports and it may seem pretty dangerous for every novice. However, a balance board could be your assistant to the world of skateboarding.

  • First, even though you have to keep balance, a balance board is easier to use since it has only one roller; a skate board has four small wheels.
  • Second, a board itself looks like a board of a skateboard. It means that you literally can train on a balance board like you’re skateboarding.
  • The last but not the least, you can train twists, turns and other tricks which are easier done on a balance board than on a skateboard.

To summarize, it is a nice way to boost your balance skills and prepare yourself for new horizons.

Balance Board for Skateboarding

Balance Board for Acrobatics

Does acrobatics seem to be so usual kind of sports for a balance board? May be.

But there are some tricks and exercises you never expect to see in acrobatics. If you have been practicing on a balance board for ages, this is it.

Acrobatics is a new level of sports since it is a quintessence of balance, stretching and strength.

We recommend to start with a few simple exercises and tricks.

First, make sure you can stand on your hands since it is one of the most spectacular tricks you’ll do on a balance board! For this exercise, you will need a spare wall and it will play a supportive function for your back and whole body.

Don’t hurry to stand on a balance board with your hands if you are not confident about your standing position in hands. The secret here is to keep your legs as much straight as possible in aim to keep balance. You can also keep them together or on the contrary to play balance on a board.

The second trick we offer to try in acrobatics with a balance board is an exercise with your partner or friend. He or she must be acquainted with balance board as well as you are — since you’ll be balancing on a board together.

The initial position: standing on a board, put your feet on the edges of it and keep balance for 1 minute.

Now your partner has to sit between your legs in a lotus position.

Since double tricks are pretty hard for balancing on a balance board, do not worry if you fall or it does not go as needed from the first time. Regular exercising and proper technique will surely lead you to desired results.

Balance Board for Acrobatics

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