7 Ways to Simplify and Enjoy Your Work at Home

If you are reading this, you probably have a private house with a garden and garage, means you are a happy one. However, it is hard to neglect spending much time in garden and doing any work at home or in a garage will take your time.

If you are asking yourself how to simplify your work at home, in your garden, in a yard or in a garage, if you are wondering how to enjoy it avoiding any pain and injuries, we have gathered 7 ways to make your work at home more pleasant.

It is no secret it is critically important to protect yourself thoroughly at work, especially if your working environment is not that safe — for example, you can fall down to the floor while raining or you can injure your knees by long-standing on the ground in a backyard.

Professional Knee Pads for work, gardening, landscaping, tiling, flooring

Buy protective knee pads for works

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to pay attention to adequate and professional protective gear, for instance, knee pads. By the way, there are many types of knee pads for work so you can choose the best knee pads that will suit your work at home or in garden, in a garage for car repairing or for any outdoor work. It does not matter how often you work in a garden or the circumstances you work in, special gear is a must if you want to stay protected, safe and healthy. Yes, if you were surprised, padded knee pads can even threat your knees if you feel any kind of sore, but we will talk about it later.

In this regard, knee pads for gardening can provide you hours and hours of unstoppable work: you can cut your favorite flowers, plant your favorite plans standing on your knees literally all day long.

Thanks to neoprene knee pads which is a quintessence of soft support and strong protection, they will take care of your knees hours and hours long. Or, another example is industrial knee pads, they allow you to stand on your knees for many hours when you assemble furniture or drill holes in a wall.

Today, we will focus on top-7 ways to simplify your work in garden and at home by means of knee pads and will show how protective knee pads are designed to keep your knees safe and comfy.

7 Ways to Simplify and Enjoy Your Work at Home


7 Ways to Simplify and Enjoy Your Work at Home

Construction means protection

It does not matter you want to repair a sink or change baseboard in your son’s room. Maybe you are going to drill a several holes in the ground floor to fix the carpet and need flooring kneepads? How about assembling kitchen furniture by yourself?

To accomplish the abovementioned goals, you need to prepare yourself for work and kneepads for construction is what you need.

Pay attention to your legs to keep them in comfort and especially your knees. If you experience any problem with patella, work knee pads device is your must-have to reduce knee pain and avoid any chance of injury.

For instance, you need to assemble kitchen furniture by yourself: it depends on your kitchen but usually it takes up to 3-4 days. You will have to bend over and down, squat and crawl to make up all the planks together correctly. Protective knee pads for pain is a dive necessity here.

Another example is when you need to sort out something and floor comes to be the most comfortable, the biggest and so the best flat surface to decompose all required items.

For instance, you have decided to sort out your construction tools: screwdrivers, bolts, pliers; you put them out and now you would have to sit on your knees for more than 2 hours to finish work. Even though there is no need in super professional knee pads, it is important to support your knees providing maximum protection you can give with high-quality kneepads.

You can try our comfortable knee pads, we ensure they will make your construction work more pleasant and effective.
Construction means protection

Works on the roof

Sometimes making an appointment with a rooftop master can cost you a fortune. In addition, if you like to repair or rebuild a house by yourself, there you go. Just a finger on a pulse that protection is a must for everybody.

We are sure you could paint your own home’s rooftop or repair it, but first you have to pay attention to protection gear you have.

First, everybody understands roof woks are much more dangerous than any other work in-door, secondly, one should be aware of hot/cold temperature drops while working on the rooftop.

Thus, protective gear will prevent any slipping since knee pads are made of special non-slip materials. Moreover, they provide excellent ergonomics and strong fixation, thus you can adjust them the size of your knees: each strap on knee pad is made to give required fixation.

The last but not the least advantage is that the ones are made of “breathable” hypoallergenic materials so your knees’ skin won’t be ascended or irritated. That is why we strongly recommend to get a protective gear if you are going to paint rooftop, alter tile on a rooftop or do any other works on the rooftop.

It does not matter your house’s rooftop is covered with slate or tile, special knee support provided by our professionals will protect your body to the maximum.

Knee pads: works on the roof

Buy protective knee pads for works

Cars Enthusiast

What makes someone a car enthusiast? An ability to fix your own car, to improve its performance or some forgotten feeling in a childhood when we liked to play with toy cars for days? It is hard to neglect there are many people who are keen on cars, they literally spend all their day-offs in garages repairing cars or they are even involved in selling/buying process.

Spending time in a garage requires special clothes and you probably wear some worn-out ones. When it comes to protection and special gear, you should be more careful and attentive. When inspecting the bottom of your car, changing the wheel or threshold of your beast, make sure your knees are well-protected with high-quality knee pads so you can stand on them all day long.

If you think you have to constantly wear uncomfortable kneelers with you, you are mistaken.

Nowadays you can buy some safety knee pads and focus on what you need to do.

When choosing protection for your knees, pay attention to the following factors: first, they should not have a plastic insert since it is a well-spread problem of many knee pads on the market. At first sight, this plastic insert is aimed to protect your body, but it turns out it only presses your knee in so you do not feel comfortable at all. Second, we recommend to choose black knee pads and if they need to be washed, you can easily do it in a washing machine.

In addition, make sure that knee protection pads you choose have at least two long Velcros so you can clasp them diagonally, it will guarantee excellent fixation.

Car repair: knee pads

Taking care of your pets with comfort

If you live in a private house, you probably have a dog, a cat or even several pets. Since some domestic animas live in-doors and can boast of trick coat, they have to be tidy and well-groomed. Using knee pads will allow you to focus on work so you will be able to wash your dog or groom it much quicker.

If you are going to wash your cat or dog, you will be standing on cold tiles at least 20 minutes. Are you ready for this torture? Or you’d better wear some light knee pads? It is hard to avoid knee ache if you don’t wear any protection standing on cold tiles.

In addition, it is simply not comfy since your knees slide away and move apart while you have to be concentrated on a process of washing or grooming.

We offer to try our best knee pads since they are made of thee protective shares: water-proof neoprene, EVA foaming padding, another share of water-proof neoprene and strong leather. To start with the first one, neoprene, it protects your knees avoiding stress on a gentle area. Second coat is EVA foaming padding; it is one of the up-to-date materials which are popularly known and used in ski boots, hockey pads, wakeboard boots production and knee pads are not exception. Expanded rubber or EVA helps to provides maximum protection to knees. The third coat is water-proof neoprene, it gently surrounds your knee allowing to stand even in the mud or small puddles.

The last but not the least is strong leather which protects the whole construction providing soft and reliable coating at the same time.

Thus, such pro knee pads excellently suit everyone who spends much time washing, grooming his pets on a wooden floor, on tile or on any other surface such as plastic, laminate or cement floor.

Taking care of your pets with comfort with knee pads

Easy gardening

When it comes to gardening, avoiding strain to such delicate areas as hands and knees is a priority.

We recommend to pay attention to thin knee pads which are comfortable to wear and provide enough protection so you don’t worry about sore knees.

When choosing knee pads, make sure they have a moisture-proof outer shell which gives excellent durability and avoid rough terrain. In addition, works in garden imply you will be literally crawling on different surfaces: wood shavings, stones, mud and so on.

That is why knee pads is a must to protect your body and do the work, instead of worrying about your knees. A specially designed ergonomic pads evenly provides the load to the knee which results in reduced stress and avoid risk of joint damage.

Thanks to up-to-date materials such as EVA foam padding, garden kneelers perfectly pass the air. Moreover, each kneeling pad has not one, not two, but three Velcros so you can use elastic straps ensuing they provide reliable fixation of your knees.

Garden knee pads

Buy protective knee pads for garden works

Women’s knee pads

Have you ever heard of gardening knee pads for ladies? Probably you haven’t since there is a well-spread myth ladies do not need it.

However, we are sure none of women want to stand literally all days long planning roses, basil, tying up plants or plucking grass. That is why we insist on soft knee pads which is a must when there is a lady in a garden.

To emphasize on the importance, all women should pay attention to esthetics issue: everybody knows female skin is softer, gentle so more vulnerable and tiny. You probably know it takes years for wounds to get healed when it comes to skin on women’s knees. As well as any knee injuries, standing on knees without any protection is strictly forbidden for women. The reason is blood stagnation, when you stand on your knees for hours in the same position doing some job will result in congestion which are hard to get rid of.

That is why knee pads for gardening is a must.

Another way of using knee protector pads is wearing them while cleaning the floor hands and knees.

Surely there is a wide choice of special cloths, sponges and mops on the market, but it is hard to neglect hands and knees cleaning method is the best when you need to clean in some hard-to-read places: children’s toys behind your sofa or food leftovers behind refrigerator.

Have you already chosen the best knee pads for working in garden or at home? Spending time in a garden or cleaning floors are just two activities why properly designed, well-made, good knee pads will be useful and protect your knees from any damage or congestions and your knees will look like celebrities’ ones on a red carpet.

Try out our knee pads for women to make sure any garden or home work will be easier with this up-to-date device.

Professional Knee Pads for work, gardening, landscaping, tiling, flooring

Don’t forget about kids

Even through knee pads are usually popular for gardening, flooring and other construction works, there are many people who buy them since they want to have a decent protective gear.

Guess for whom? For kids and mostly for adolescents.

If your 14-year old son is asking you for rollers, don’t be afraid to buy them if you had already chosen protective gear. As well as helmet and elbows pads, kids knee pads are aimed to protect your child’s knees when one falls down; unformulated it sometimes happen since it is pretty difficult for a beginner to keep balance.

This is an excellent buy if you live in a private house since you are literally surrounded with danger everywhere. In addition, such protection can be used to heal a knee after operation. A properly-designed with soft materials such knee pad will provide additional protection and make your child’s child fixed with needed overlays.

We are proud of our knee pads since they have neem designed in cooperation with physicians.

Knee pads for kid

Pay attention the primary thing you have to pay attention to is fixing a knee pad on a knee: it must not be too tight, but it also cannot slide. Patella damage or injury is crucial for adolescents and of course it is better to avoid any injuries than to treat them. Knee pads allow to provide maximum protection and keep your kids’ knees in safety.

When choosing knee guard, we recommend to pay attention to black ones since they are easy to wash. In addition, make sure you pick pretty strong protection but with a soft knee cushion: avoid any plastic in construction and pay your attention to models which has up to 5 coats.

Knee pads for kid

These are just several ways to simplify and easy your work at home by means of using knee pads.

Just try wearing high-quality knee pads when you are working in a garden, repairing your auto’s wheel, changing the roof in your house or do any type of works which require protection.

We offer durable and soft knee pads for flooring, best knee pads for roofing and knee pads for cleaning — a product which will suit any of these works. Thanks to neoprene pad and ergonomic construction, your knees will be gently protected and you won’t have a chance to be injured.

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