7 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Garden Work Easier (Part 2)

Life hacks are made to make your life easier and they are relevant especially when it comes to garden life. Since you have liked our previous life hacks for gardening, we have decided to gather even more useful hacks to simplify your garden work. If you want to save time and add some pleasure to your garden routine, keep on reading.

These seven cheap and easy life hacks will show you how to grow an edgy teepee or organize it on your house’s wall. Moreover, you will find out how to solve a well-spread problem of missed plants once you have just planted them — we have gathered a several tricks to mark just-planted vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs so you will be able to find them in a moment.

We also didn’t forget about kitchen ideas and brought one of them to you, so you will know how to organize a small and heat-resistant table from wooden left overs. These are just a few awesome life hacks which wait for you right down there.

7 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Garden Work Easier (Part 2)

1. Grow your own teepee

Some plants are made to literally grow on walls. Getting the maximum of them means you should provide an opportunity to grow up as they are meant to be.

One of the most popular ways to organize such plants is growing them on the wall, but we will talk about it in the next life hack. Now let’s get started with an idea of making your own teepee. First of all, it will not break your budget. To organize such teepee, you need a few metallic rods and some elastic rubber band. First you should water the ground so the rods will better stick into the wet ground.

Once you are done, put some stones to mark the circle where your teepee is going to be. Then start with the rods: you have to stick them into the grown at least 10-20 cm down. Step-by-step push into the ground each rod and there you are almost done. Now you have to gather these sticks together and grab them together them by means of elastic rubber band.

That is it. Your edgy teepee is ready and you can plant your fav flowers and enjoy.

A piece of advice: morning-glory or bindweed will perfectly suit for this teepee.

Grow your own teepee

2. A wall is enough

If you don’t have a garden or it is filled with various vegetables and flowers and there is no spare space to plant something new, don’t worry because we have a solution for you.

For this life hack, all you need is a spare wall. Yes, as you could probably guess this is the second method to grow climb plants. Starting with the needed tools, you will need all-purpose glue and small loops.

Make sports with a simple marker to highlight where you are going to stick the loops. Then take a glue and start making small dots of glue. Once you have made the very first spot, quickly stick a loop to the spot of glue. You have to make at least 10-15 spots so your plant will have enough space to grow up.

Now when you are done, all you need to do is help your plant with the needed direction. If you see some new leaves or sprouts, you simply have to take it and put it through a loop.

This easy and super-cheap life hack can help you to design a nice wall and result in cool decoration.

By the way, you can organize such flower wall not only on your house, but on your gate and any other vertical flat surface.

A wall is enough

3. Plant tag

If Jessy J calls us to “forget about a price tag”, we definitely do not want to forget about “plant tag”. Now we are eager to share a couple of awesome life hacks with you. Do you have a plant tag? This is a super convenient marking that will get rid of constant “where and when have I planted that flower?!”.

The first way is very easy and looks very natural: you will need some flat stones. Grab a marker and write your plants’ and vegetables’ names on them. Once you are done with planning, put these stones as you have organized your plants. The advantages of this method are obvious: it is fast, cheap and organic. In addition, no letters will be washed away by rain or while watering if you will take a water proof marker.

Plant tag

The other way to organize your plants is to take a couple of plastic tags. You can find them in the nearest garden store or cut out of any thick plastic. Then write your plants’ and herbs’ names by means of waterproof white marker or with a nail polish. You can take several ones and mark your plants by color. That is it. Now you’ll have no troubles finding your plants even if they are not grown yet.

Plant tag

4. A wooden table

Have you been chopping recently and have some wood left? Or maybe you have a rotting tree in your garden? In both cases, we recommend to use these leftovers and create a functional table for your summer kitchen or your garden.

All you need from materials are glue, wood, cement and a metal circle. First we should make a foundation. Pick up pieces of wood so that they go from big to small and again, from small to big ones. You have to simply put them together with an all-purpose glue.

The base is ready, now you can proceed to the table itself. Put the metal circle on the floor, before laying it with an oilcloth. Mix the cement with water to make the needed material. After cement has solidified, take the round wood of the tree and gently squeeze them into cement. In the middle, you can also put in a piece of wood or a small bowl.

This will allow you to put flowers or fruits in the future. you can put flowers there or put fruit.

A wooden table

5. Make an Easy Seed Tape

You have surely seen numerous tricks and life hacks with toilet paper rolls. Well, how about making your own seed tape with the help of actual toilet paper?

Try using toilet paper instead of chasing for needed seed tape. First, yes, it is pretty hard to find it, sometimes you have to drive around all stores nearby to find that tape.

Second, why paying for an overpriced item when you can do it yourself just like that?

Staring with tools, you will need tweezers, market and ruler. The materials you’ll need are: toilet paper, all-purpose glue and seeds.

Prepare the future tape: if your garden bed length is 2 meters, you will need 2 meters of toilet paper. Now mark seed spacing. Look at the package to find out how far apart your seeds must be planted and then use black marker to make spots. The next step is adding a dot of glue to each of the marks. Then you have to pour seeds out onto a deep plate and spread them around. Pick up one seed and place it on the drop of glue. Complete continuing the same with all seeds, let it dry and you are done — now all you have to do is to plant the tape and sprinkle it.

By the way, using toilet paper roll you can store your seeds and plant them when you actually want to.

Easy Seed Tape

6. Decorations with wine corks

Do not throw away wine corks because they could be used to decorate your garden. As the majority of our life hacks, it is organic since wine cork is made of natural material.

You can use wine corks to put them around threes to give them a fresh and creative look. By the way, you can additionally use big stones to complete this decoration.

In addition, decoration with corks a great way to protect ground around threes from any big bugs and bad weather.

For more protection check our Life Hacks for Gardening Part 1 to find out how to make a natural spray that kills bugs and insects. You can use this spray for wine corks to get a long-lasting effect.

You can use any corks (champagne, lemonade), but we recommend wine ones since the smell of wine also works against insects.

Decorations with wine corks

7. Easy pruning and harvesting

When it comes to fruits, getting harvest is the pleasant part.

But we all know how hard to make it grow. For instance, grape. No matter you grow it for sell, to eat with your family or to make some wine — it needs cultivation and attention almost all-year-round.

The hardest part is probably pruning. First, you should learn how to do it since if you do it wrong, you can say “good bye” to the further harvest. Moreover, it takes days and you have to stand on your knees for many-many hours.

To simplify your work, you can make special knee pads to take care of your knees and provide needed protection for them. By the way, you can use them, for example, during harvesting, it will suit to strawberry or raspberry. However, cloth or hand-made knee pads do not guarantee excellent protection and support.

We offer you to try our 4-cover knee pads which were designed to support your knee as required. They boast of 3 high-quality straps which allow you to fix knee pad as you want so there won’t be any sliding during your work.

Knee pads are an excellent choice

Do not hesitate to order them right now and if you don’t like them, we will change them for free or make a full refund.

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