How to Exercise on a Balance Board: Legs

Strong and beautifull legs are a dream for many men and for many women.For great result you need a lot and actively train.

Balance board will help to make your legs perfect, strengthening not only the main muscles, but also muscle stabilizers, which in normal training does not work.

Balance Board Exercises


1. Lunges

Description: This exercise is incredibly effective because you have to not only hold the balance but to strain every muscle of your body in order not to shift towards one side.

Tip (1): In contrast to regular lunges you need to do smaller steps because the Board does not allow you to perform with bigger ones.

Technique: step on the outer edges of the Board, facing sideways of it. Slowly lower your body until your rare knee is bent almost touching the Board. Alternate legs.

Tip (2): You should better place your hands on your hips to keep balance.
Balance Board: exercise-Lunges (pic).

2. Squats (3 sets of 6-12, depending on the technique)

Description: Leg workouts are hardly possible without squats, however, when using the balance board, even the simplest no weight movement gives an extremely heavy load.

Technique: step on the board with both feet, distribute the body weight evenly. Maintaining the balance, perform squats as deep as possible, for a beginning the “femur parallel to the floor” depth would be sufficient.
Balance board: Exercises – Squats, standard (pic).


The weight allows to complicate squatting, though such a performance will differ from the classical barbell squat.
Kettlebells or dumbbells will serve well for the purpose.

Tip (1): Performing squats on the board try to raise and hold the weight above the head; this will help to preserve your balance, as well as to load to the back, arms and shoulders, thus creating a truly compound exercise.

Tip (2): The kettlebell or dumbbell should be wielded by a single hand to avoid round back, which is highly undesirable.
Balance Board: exercise-squats, harder variation #1 (pic).


You can perform without a weight and complicate the exercise using more some complicated technique. We are talking about lunges with only one leg on the board.

Put one leg on the Board strictly in the middle(where the roller is). The other one place on the floor. Then lower your body until your front knee on the Board is bent at least 90 degrees and the other knee is about 1-2 cm from the floor.

Don’t touch the floor.
Balance Board: exercise-squats, harder variation #2 (pic).


This is a complication of the previous exercise and, probably the most complicated technique for legs. Actually, it is one legged squat, but the movement differs from the classical pistol squat.

It is very similar to the Bulgarian squats for the first glance, but the leg which is behind doesn’t touch the board, and the entire load targets the other leg standing on the Board.

Tip: It is extremely important to learn keeping the balance before performing this exercise for the first time to avoid a risk of injury. Keeping the balance on one leg is very difficult, and to shift the whole body weight on one leg you need strong and well-trained muscles.

Balance Board: exercise-squats, harder variation #3 (pic).


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