How to Exercise on a Balance Board: Chest

Balance board is a universal simulator. You can do exercises on all muscle groups, and breast muscles are no exception. We will not consider a lot of exercises, but we will stop our attention on one simple, but at the same time very effective exercise – push-up.

Balance Board Exercises


Full Push-ups

Description: Push-ups is the classic of muscle loading. This exercise is commonly used everywhere from school PE to The United States Army Rangers training.

Push-ups allow broad variations of techniques resulting in almost unlimited progress and developments.

Balance Board gives you additional advantages such as good balance, involving stabilizers and so on.

Technique: Basic technique is quite simple. All you need is lying down, kneeling on all fours with hands straighten directly under shoulders. Come onto toes and straighten legs; keep your body in line from head to heels. Lower yourself by bending your elbows until your chest almost touches the floor. Come back up by pushing through the floor.

Tip: Performing with The Balance Board is slightly different from regular push-ups. You need to place your hands on the Board and try to maintain balance.

This will create an incredibly heavy load not only on the shoulder, chest and back but also on your abs and thighs.
Balance Board: exercises- Full Push-ups (pic).


Try to perform push-ups with side roll-overs. Moving on the Balance Board from side to side will load your arms, shoulders and obliques.
This is a hard movement, which requires a considerably higher level of physical fitness and coordination.

For beginners, we recommend to try performing at least 5-8 reps in one set with ideal technique. When you become experienced do this exercise with more intensity and number of reps.
Balance Board: exercises-push-ups, Harder variation 1 (pic).


If regular push-ups on the Board no longer seem to be hard enough for you, it’s time to start performing uneven push-ups.

The difference is that you push up on the uneven surface with one hand placed on the Board as usual, and the other one is on the floor.

Unbalancing both hands loads only one arm and the pectoral muscles. Perform push-ups alternating your hands and roll the Board over from side to side without jerks.
Balance Board: exercises-push-ups, Harder variation 2 (pic).


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