How to Exercise on a Balance Board: Back

Today we will continue to consider exercises that can be performed using the balance board and other sports equipment.

In this article, we will pay attention to training your back as one of the most necessary in the context of developing strength, endurance and building a beautiful healthy body.

Balance Board Exercises


1. Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row (3 sets of 10-12reps)

Description: It is the classic of weight training but more often performed with barbell which is not convenient for using while on the Balance Board. It is preferable to do this exercise with dumbbells instead of a barbell.

Technique: Stand steady on the Board, then bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward and down. You shouldn’t shift your body too much forward to keep the balance. Start with your arms hanging perpendicular to the floor and your torso. Pull the dumbbells to the level of the waist.
Balance Board: exercises – Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row (pic).

2. Medicine Ball Diagonal Wood Chop (7-10 sets of 2 reps on each side)

Description: It’s a great exercise that develops not only the back muscles but also the whole upper body. Taking into account the fact that the Balance Board also actively involves legs and abs you can provide a complex load on all your muscles.

Technique: stand on the Board holding Med. ball with both hands. Then lift it up over your left shoulder, then swing the ball across your body to the outside of your right thigh. Do a slight squat at the moment the Ball is at the lowest position.Switch to the other side.

Tip: It is important to keep holding the Med. ball in front of you with arms straightened to increase the amplitude.
Balance Board: exercises – Medicine Ball Diagonal Wood Chop (pic).

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