Shower Curtain Liner Fabric. Water-Repellent Antibacterial and Mildew Resistant. Fabric Shower Curtain with Funny Dog.

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  • 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Imported
  • Anti-Mildew Formula. 100 percent water proof anti-bacterial and mildew resistant material allows quick rinse and clean up with water or a damp cloth machine washable. Anti-Mildew technology helps to have a cleaner curtain and dryer bathroom. 100% water proof, and anti-bacterial shower curtain provides protection from mildew or mold build up. In addition, each curtain features self-grommets and weighted hem to provide weight and stability to keep the liner in place
  • Water Resistant. 72×72 inches (182×182 cm) long shower curtain fits standard shower areas. White appearance with Funny Dog under umbrella blends with any bathroom setting or bathroom color scheme. Metal eyelets hole adds durability and weighted hem reduces curtain blowing. It keeps water in the shower – not on the floor. Water glides off and the curtain dries quickly.
  • Lasting Durablability. Heavy duty 100% polyester fabric not only withstands moisture-rich bathroom environments but also removes the risk of exposure of dangerous chemicals. Heavy Duty Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain. Durable, Anti-Bacterial and Mold Resistant. Treat yourself with our high quality shower curtains which enhances your bathroom’s look, while providing safe, fresh and clean environment every time you shower.
  • Care Instructions. It can be cleaned with a quick rinse or wipe after a shower. The curtain is also machine-washable for easy care. Once received just wipe the curtain with a damp cloth. Fully opening your liner to dry after use is recommended.
  • BONUS: Shower Curtain in the Hight Quality and Stylish Present Box. Includes Free Plastic Hooks.

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A useful and very funny gift: a shower curtain with a cute print!

Fabric Shower Curtain – the subject is simple and necessary, if you do not ave a glazed cubicle.

We offer you a fabric shower curtain for the bathroom of excellent quality, which will please you and your loved ones as a practical and fun gift!

A cute dog, safely hidden under an umbrella from your spray, will become a favorite for both adults and children, especially those who do not like to take bath procedures.

 Shower Curtain Liner Fabric

• Easy to clean and made of antibacterial material;
• Made from a completely safe material that does not contain allergens and is suitable even for newborns;
• Environmentally safe, even when in contact with detergents and hot water (does not release hazardous chemical compounds);
• Reliably repels water, does not get wet;

Shower Curtain Liner Fabric
• An anti-corrosion coating is applied to the metal pads on the ring holes;
• The material does not contain any chemical odors, is completely neutral;
• Rings for fastening the curtains are included;

Shower Curtain Liner Fabric
• Weighted hem reduces curtain blowing;
• White color and cute print are in good harmony with any design and create a great mood;
• A pleasant and light-weight fabric that does not cause unpleasant sensations even when wet and in contact with wet skin does not adhere to it.

Shower Curtain Liner Fabric

Shower Curtain Liner Fabric

Pleasant bonus!

The shutter is framed in a gift stylish box of excellent quality, so you do not have to worry about how and where to beautifully pack this gift.

On the curtain depicts a cute doggie – a symbol of the next year, which will please both the dogs, and those who want to attract good luck to your house!

Fabric Shower Curtain with Funny Dog.


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