Anti Theft Drawstring Backpack. Cut Resistant Bag for Travel with Water Resistant pocket.

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  • Fabric: high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) used by the army for armor and other security clothing
  • SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM – Pull it, lock it and leave it. It’s that simple. Anti theft backpack. We attached a flexible cut-, tear- and rip-proof wired belt to the opening. Indestructible! The opening of the backpack is secured with the security shackle including the brass ring and the steel rivets, as well as the combination lock, which can be locked by an individual code. Forget about pickpockets! InGwest Anti-Theft Bag will keep your stuff! Anti theft backpack is a good choice for travel
  • EXTREME CUT & SLASH RESISTANT – Our bags are crafted from a double-layer of the most advanced cut resistant fabric in the world. Woven from a blend of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and other avant-garde fibers, the fabric was used by the army for armor and other security clothing. Our bags have the highest possible Blade Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance, and Abrasion Resistance. Our bags are 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar, a material known for its use in bulletproof vests.
  • BALANCED REFLECTIVE DRAWSTRING ROPES – Our Bag has four straps, just like a gym bag. These straps, normally used for mountain climbing, can carry up to 1000 lbs! They are very strong and durable! No chance of tearing or ripping. Get wild!
  • WATER RESISTANT – The inner bag of your Cut Resistant Bag is water resistant! So you don’t have to worry about rain, spilled drinks, or any other liquid on the bag. The inner layer is made out of waterproof nylon fabric and inside pocket have 100% the waterproof zipper. All your electronic treasures such as iPads, smartphones and cameras are safe. So the Our Cut-Proof Bag easily survives short encounters with water. Because all your content in the bag will be clean and dry!
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN – Whether you’re dressed for the office, the school, the city street, the gym, the beach, or a night out – you’ll always look stylish and fashionable! It is perfect for male and female, this bag unisex. It’s great gift for friends. traveler, active people, sporting boys and girls. Use InGwest Anti-Theft GymSack!

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InGwest Active Life. Theft Proof Bag, Anti Pickpockets, Slash-Proof Gymsack for Travel.

Cut Resistant Bag for Travel with Water Resistant pocket

This is the bag that everybody, at some point in their life, wishes they had. Sometimes you just need a safe place to put your personal items and valuables while you carry them or do something else. Our purpose for creating this bag really is that simple.

This product is lets you live more and worry less.

Cut Resistant Bag for Travel with Water Resistant pocket

This slash proof bag is a portable safe for your valuables. Simply lock the bag closed and to any secure object – and leave it without worrying about it being tampered with, damaged, or stolen.

  • Scared of theft? Theft proof!
  • Scared of water on your precious gadgets? Water resistant!
  • Scared of pickpocketing? Not anymore! Our Travel Bag always protects Your stuff while travelling!

The bag is about 40 cm x 40 cm, large enough for all the stuff you carry with you, but small enough to never be in your way.

Cut Resistant Bag for Travel with Water Resistant pocket

Inspired by streetwear, our goal was to design a universally useful bag. Almost a gym bag in appearance, it’s easy and light to carry.

The material is super soft, so the Cut-Proof Bag could even be a pillow on a long flight or train ride. This storage pouch you can easy take in airplane, train, school, work.

InGwest Active Life. Anti Theft Drawstring Backpack.

InGwest Active Life. Anti Theft Drawstring Backpack.

This is the bag you’ll want to take with you everywhere like a trusted friend.

They are lightweight, comfortable to carry, foldable, packable, crushable, hand-washable, UV resistant, latex and gluten free, and handcrafted.

Whether you’re dressed for the office, the gym, the beach, or a night out — Cut Resistant Bags are a soft reliable friend that will protect your stuff from thieves, and you from bland accessories.

It’s really easy used anyway: just pull all the strings, pull the belt and then close it all with the lock. Just how you would close a normal gym bag.

  • Size: 16 inch x 16 inch
  • Color: Gray, Color ropes: Orange
  • Inside pocket with zip-waterproof
  • Cut Resistang and Anti-Theft Bag
  • Survives short encounters with water

Cut Resistant Bag for Travel with Water Resistant pocket

Note: Cool iron or Use press cloth

Anti Theft Drawstring Backpack

Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 in


3 reviews for Anti Theft Drawstring Backpack. Cut Resistant Bag for Travel with Water Resistant pocket.

  1. My friends and I are always critical for all new products. But this bag is probably the rare exception to the rule. Firstly it is very spacious and with a full load doesn’t look like a saggy bag like similar products. Of course in addition to aesthetic qualities, we bag tested: tried to cut with a scissors, kitchen knife, no damage! The heavy tools did not try, it is a pity! … And of course I would like to highlight the moisture resistance, came with a bag with the iPad in the rain and the tablet is fine. I like my iPad and now like this gymsack. So the manufacturer put a lot of stars!

  2. Thank you InGwest! I’m changing my original review. I was frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to lock the bag, but InGwest responded promptly and set me straight.
    This bag is well made and does an excellent job of protecting whatever you place inside. I’m glad I purchased it and I recommend it.

  3. We ordered this bag for our teenage son as a gift and he absolutely loves it! He wanted it based on its indestructible features. He’s always on the go and needed a bag to keep up with his travels as well as a bag with added security. The only negative we could find so far is the quality of the lock they provide. It was very difficult to use despite the instructions given. In addition, the lock was easily cut through with minimal effort. Very cool bag though and seems like a great company!

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